Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Tamaoki Benkyo "Blood: The Last Vampire 2000"

Tamaoki Benkyo remained true to himself while creating this one-volume manga. Working in the horror genre, the author followed a realistic trend in the graphics that is why the scenes of violence and blood are impressive. What makes this manga distinctive is the atmosphere of all shades of madness correctly embodied by the creator.

The main heroine of the manga is a girl named Saya. She is the secret weapon of the state secret organization that tries to eliminate the consequences of their own experiments on human beings. The creatures, which appeared as a result of these experiments, are forced to feed themselves with human blood. Saya’s mission is to kill them. The girl herself has no idea who she actually is. As the events unfold Saya learns of the existence of a girl, an exact picture of herself, and finally meets her face to face.

Despite the fact that Saya looks like a schoolgirl, she perfectly masters katana and is quite dangerous. It is almost impossible to kill her since she is not a human being. However, Saya is a docile instrument in the hands of her commanders, at least until the moment when she discovers the truth about herself.

The second main character of Blood: The Last Vampire 2000 is Maya, which is a replica of Saya. However, they are only superficially similar. Maya runs a gang of vampires, those creatures born from experiments. The aim of Maya is to meet with Saya that is why Maya organizes a variety of provocations. This character bears all sorts of vices, which was clearly illustrated in the pages of the manga. Maya, in a sense, is even more interesting than Saya as her motives are hidden until the very last chapter.

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