Monday, 23 July 2012

Laura Van Wormer "Expose"

They say the image of a woman presented in modern literature, is far from the images of Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennet. Is this so? I think it is not. Time has changed, I would say the decor has changed, but, in fact, the strength of the character and the challenge to society have remained the same. What do you think? Who from the modern literature may compete with Jane Eyre?

Let’s take, for example, the main characters of the novel "Expose" by Laura Van Wormer. There are three different women. Verity Rhodes is a successful publisher of the best American glossy magazine, which is going to publish materials about Cassy Cochran,
president of the Darenbrook Broadcasting System. Verity Rhodes has a hidden agenda and wants Sally Harrington, principal heroine of the book, to play her game. Sally is the most interesting character - a young journalist from the province, who by mere chance finds herself in the center of mass-media life in New York. She gets a chance to become famous and make a brilliant career just by profiling Cassy. And of course, Sally is not going to miss the chance.  It appears in the process that her way lays through hardship to the stars. Dirty secrets, envy, jealousy and murder wait for Sally on the road to success. And, as it happens always in novels, happiness and success will come from an entirely unexpected source.

Sally Harrington is a simple girl, charming in her simple, at first glance, feelings. It is clearly shown how she makes choices between unfair and right, appropriate and inappropriate, passion and habit. The characters as Sally Harrington, imperfect and due to that even more attractive, that modern readers might like.

The entire narrative is permeated with the main motif - any woman can achieve the heights, only the higher you climb the harder you fall, and be ready to be tripped up cruelly. The book shows that any, even the most ordinary woman can become successful and loved. Just give a little bit of try and happiness will glide like a bird in your hands.

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