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This blog is dedicated to books. Reviews are thoughts of an average woman, my personal thoughts and associations at a certain time, which keep changing. I am neither a literary critic nor a feminist, I also do not do gender studies. 

Why books on women?

Here I will cite Florinda Donner: "A paradigm, which women currently follow, no matter in what aspect of life, is still men's paradigm. We copy them."

I agree with the above. Which way a woman should follow? Do you know this? I don't. Do I try to answer to this serious question in my blog? Not at all. Books are similar to dishes, some are like exquisite dessert, others like hors d'oeuvre, some are spicy, others are plane but healthy. I, like a cook or taster, try to provide you with different dishes. Your body needs a variety of tastes, as well as your soul. Maybe one day after satisfying your spiritual and aesthetic hunger, you will be able to answer the above question? :)

Well, you can not save humanity, but you can save one person. Perhaps, a line or a paragraph will help someone to find the right inspiration in the form of a book. Somebody, after reading my opuses will be able to share his/her feelings, or recommend a book, which is also very important.

Most of reviews are mine, few are made by friends and acquaintances. I live in Europe, English is not my native, so I apologize for the mistakes in my posts (hope they are still readable).

I sincerely hope to inspire you with my reviews, and not to turn away from reading.

My blogs: http://notesaboutstyling.eu/

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