Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Jean Little "From Anna"

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 Good books for girls age 10-15.

«From Anna» is a story of Jean Little, Canadian author, about the life of a German family on the eve of the World War II.

The book is partly autobiographical, Jean Little, as well as her little heroine, had bad eyesight, studying, at the same time, in a regular school. Autobiographical touch is felt everywhere: in the manner of narration, in the author's apparent sympathy for Anna, in profound and masterfully described Anna’s inner world.

The book is built on a simple, well known and the win-win principle: sad beginning and happy ending on Christmas night. The action takes place in Germany during the Great Depression, in an atmosphere of general insecurity and fear for the future, which automatically makes the story very realistic. Subsequent emigration to Canada
also looks very authentic, despite the fact that the process of moving to Canada is covered without much detail.

Reading about the relationships of Anna with her father gives you the most positive emotions. Her farther is perhaps the only one who sees the true nature of the girl. He is, without any doubt, right when calling her "special", because the child differs really from other children, not only by impaired vision. Anna is a very intelligent child with a rich imagination and capacity for empathy. However, all this can manifest only in appropriate circumstances, which are gradually created when, finally, i
t becomes clear that Anna has a very poor vision.

The child starts to see the world through the glasses prescribed for her and over time understands better both the world and her own personality. By the end of the book Anna transforms from an intimidated by everyone, shy and awkward child into a gentle girl with the ability to bestow love and tenderness on her nearest and dearest. Her family notices the changes and discovers the new Anna.

The book "From Anna" in the literal sense offers the side of the never experienced
world. A good warm feeling remains long in your soul after reading this good book. Buy the book "From Anna"

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