Friday, 20 July 2012

Stephen King "Carrie"

"Carrie" by Stephen King is one of his works where the story revolves around teenagers.

Carrie White lives with her mother-schizophrenic, a fanatical believer, who thinks that her daughter is a devil incarnate. Her life in school is far from being good, classmates mock at her in every possible way, and she can not respond to them. For a time no one suspects what a terrible power lays dormant inside this rejected by all, untidy girl, no one except her mother, who, in spite of her madness, feels Carrie’s strangeness and fears her.

King portrayed masterfully the inner world of a teenage girl, who has no friends and normal family. Carrie continues to be abject and fearful even after she learns about her gift of telekinesis. She begins to thaw just after she is invited to the prom. However, a few kind words are not enough when you are hated throughout the life. Carrie, feeling that she can live a better life, no longer is able to return to her past. So when the bullying continues, she tries to defend herself, she has already changed. The only thing her powers now are much greater than those of an ordinary man, which she demonstrates in the book.

In addition to the main character in the novel, there are other interesting characters, among them, Sue Snell, a classmate of Carrie. She is a slightly exaggerated example of a person tormented by guilt. Unlike many others, she later regrets her behavior, and this is the cause of her suffering. Here, however, the question arises: what is better - to live with the guilt, or have a horrible death, until the last minute thinking you are on the right path?

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