Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Diane Setterfield "The thirteenth tale"

When you are charmed by some person, do you want to know more about his or her life? Does it happen to you? Why? May be you get inspiration by knowing more details, or you like to hope that you are nearer to solve the magic of that person.
Vida Winter, a famous novelist, the principle heroine of the novel, is a beautiful woman and an enigmatic person. Nobody’s popularity compares to hers, she is a super star of all times and people. Vida Winter is dying, but nobody knows anything about her life. The famous authoress invites a biographer, to tell a truth story of her life.
Do you like frightful and bewitching mystery? Like a hypnotic melody of fakir’s flute? Critics baptized a novel as "neogothic", named it the masterpiece of modern English prose, the revival of Charlotte Bronte’s style. On the back of the book it is written that Diane Setterfield was paid £800,000 by her UK publisher, Orion, and a further $1m by Simon & Schuster in the USA – unprecedented fee for a debutante. As though it should compel you to buy the book at once and compensate the charges of publishing houses

”The thirteenth tale” is so captivating that it is impossible to put the book down out before you finish it. Heroes are splendidly described. However, awakened after the spell of “The thirteenth tale", you understand that there is something Hollywoody in it.
Well, the book is still worth reading, in spite of Hollywoody mawkishness!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Simenon "Maigret and the Old Lady"

Women in detective fiction.

Simenon is marvelous! I just admire him. Unlike Agatha Christi whose maniac imagination filled her detective stories with endless cadavers, Simenon does not kill just like that, he is not so slaughterous. Simemon is interested in humans' psychology, murder is just the reason to have an intent look into humans' souls. 
You will get a lot from his short detective stories: descriptions of Paris and French everyday life of that époque. Look at Maigret’s visits to bars and restaurants. Maigret drinks often and deliciously, in a French way. While reading about Maigret you cannot stop thinking of “un demi”.  
Although my blog is named “books about women” I will not talk about the principle heroine of this book.  I am afraid I will spoil the pleasure of discovery. Just enjoy Simenon!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Countess of Segur "Sophie's Misfortunes"

Do you like books of the Countess of Segur? 
Countess of Segur, nee Sofiya Feodorovna Rostopchina, was a bestsellers’ writer of 19th century. Her books are still extremely popular in France and Belgium (especially among girls).

Countess of Segur tells stories on children’s education based on her own experiences and those of her children and grandchildren.

If you want to plunge in the atmosphere of French 19th century chateau life, so cozy and lost forever…
Life in French estates, wax dolls, bells ringing for diner and a slow current of time. I would not be against such a childhood. There is more fun in reading about simple amusements like fishing, promenades to a mill or planting flowers than watching modern blockbusters.

It is also interesting to observe how French aristocrats of 19th century educated their kids and make parallels with your modern and hectic life. Sure, a lot of things you will find outdated but there will be things you will definitely acquire.

Recommended: «Les Malheurs de Sophie», «Les Petites Filles Modeles», «Les Vacances».

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Amelie Notomb

Annie Jay