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Astrid Lingren "Seacrow Island"

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Good books for girls age 7-14.

This is a beautiful book. This is Lingren and that expresses all…

Seacrow Island” written by Astrid Lindgren first as TV series and later on issued as a novel is one of the most famous of her books.

It is a story of how one Swedish family spends its summer holidays on the Seacrow Island. The family consists of the dad, Melker Melkersson, his eldest daughter, Malin, and three sons: Johan, Niklas and Pelle. Melkerssons got acquainted with many people in the island and most of which eventually become their good friends.

Seacrow Island” is so full of very well described heroes and characters that you begin to think they exist in reality.

As for the female characters in the book, they are so bright that it is not possible to stay silent. You should start, of course with
Tjorven since she is one of the main personages. Tjorven is like a fairy of the Seacrow island, she meets and sees off the ferry with the passengers in all weather conditions, and a huge dog Boatswain makes her image even slightly mystical. Tjorven is the favorite of the whole island, she is welcomed by everyone and she comes and goes whenever he wants. Without Tjorven the Seacrow island would not have been the place that everyone loves. A girl
is, in a sense, a symbol of the island.

Another interesting female character is Malin Melkersson. It is almost an adult woman, which because of the death of her mother had to take care of her father and younger brothers since her early age. She has contradictory desires: on the one hand, her clumsy, always falling into troubles father and restless younger brothers are in need of her care, on the other hand, Malin is a young girl who wants to romance. These contradictions are poured out sometimes into a rather comical situation. Suffice it to recall the episode when Malin went for a walk with a young man and the seven years old Pelle tagged with them. Pelle, showing a great sense of humor, tried to do everything so that the boy no longer wanted to come back to Seacrow. Of course, Malin was hurt, and she was a little angry with her younger brother. But the most important feature of this girl is the love for her family, so she quickly forgave Pelle and after a while she laughed with him.

A tale of Seacrow is full of good humor characteristic for Astrid Lindgren and love for adventures, family and friends. Beware, “Secrow Island” is addictive! It is one of those books that are loved for a lifetime. Buy Seacrow Island

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