Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sidney Sheldon "The Doomsday Conspiracy"

S Sheldon-The Doomsday Conspiracy
I confess: I'm not a fan of ladies' novels. In most cases it is possible to predict who will marry whom, who will suffer a crushing defeat because of their snaky character and who will end up in bed with whom.

Oh, those sex scenes! I do not consider myself as a virtue dragon, but I expect beautiful descriptions of feelings, not the size of genitals and the number of orgasms. I consider this sort of a literature as harmful, after reading r-r-romantics, some ladies would expect heroic deeds in bed from their husbands, forgetting that he worked full time, went shopping and washed the dishes, and therefore, he is tired. Inventions of some roman makers should not be projected to our real life. Let's not forget about that.

The one who knew how to write novels in which images of women were full-blooded and independent left us recently, it is Sidney Sheldon. Let’s take the novel "The Doomsday Conspiracy" which is about a UFO that came down to the Earth. Due to a number of reasons, it was decided that all who rode the tour bus and saw the extra-terrestrial apparatus should be destroyed.

The protagonist, searching for witnesses (without knowing the true goal of his search!), Robert, is married to a beloved woman, Susan. 

Is it enough just to love in order to save a marriage? Robert often disappears from home on business needs, in his free time he does not want to show the world to his wife: no restaurants, no picnics. He just wants to stay home. His wife feels abandoned.

Tell me, is not it happening in our reality? Do pilots, sailors, surgeons, and all these enthusiastic scientists have trouble to pay attention to the one which was once occupying all their thoughts, and now became a Wife? Do they realize what might happen?

Susan is a whole hearted woman, a rare type. She is a nurse of the highest caliber. At the time she pulled her future husband away from death, guessing all his sufferings and desires, helping to find the will to live, not to mention the medical procedures.
She continues working after marriage as loneliness in an empty house for her is unbearable.
And then comes the moment when "the first bell" starts to ring - Susan begins to tell her husband how she tries to save an aircraft’s pilot, who survived the hardest type of crash. Robert thinks: "It was exactly the same with me!" Three weeks later, his wife again tells him about the pilot, who by now occupies all her thoughts. Robert comes to the hospital, sees the pilot and feels towards him nothing but aversion. And when Susan announces her desire to divorce, Robert feels that the whole world collapses.

May be this description will make some men scratch their heads. Not every woman is a Penelope, and everyday problems solved by their husbands do not have the same ranking as the exploits of Odysseus. Even such a faithful, loving wife, as Susan finally realizes that her life became meaningless. In fact, she does not have a family. Will anyone venture to blame her? Not me.

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