Monday, 23 July 2012

Marc Levy "Just like Heaven"

One writer said: "The thoughts, ideas, and even more the story are exactly what interests me least of all in the literature. What is dear to me in the literature is the side which is out of analysis - voice range, flavor, color and phonetic structure, in general, what we usually call an inexplicable attraction".

I think the first book of Marc Levy "Just like Heaven" would not attract the attention of the above writer, because there's little of "inexplicable attraction" in it; however there's an interesting story line.

It is a book about a girl, Lauren, who worked hard in the hospital. As it is common among doctors, she worked for 24 hours and went home dying from fatigue. Sorry for the digression, but I can not understand why doctors exhaust themselves so much, why health professionals work so "unhealthily"? Can anyone explain this?

Returning to the book, Lauren had an accident ... and turned into a ghost: her body sank into a deep coma, and the soul
wandered around as it pleased, without stint or restraint. Meanwhile, her apartment was rented to a young architect, Arthur, and the most surprising - he was able to see this beautiful ghost and chat with Lauren-ghost! Only he was able to help her, because no one else could see her.

It is an amazing love story that Steven Spielberg filmed. What else can be sayid? True love rescues even in such unusual circumstances. Not everyone is able to love like that!

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