Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Charlie McGee: deadly dangerous child (Firestarter)

For those who like suspense.

"Firestarter" is a novel about a little girl who has the ability of pyrokinesis, which is the ability to light or control fire with the mind. The book is written in the genre of mystical thriller with elements of paranoia drama. Andy McGee and his daughter, Charlie, are in the center of the story. Andy had once taken part in a crazy scientist's experiment where for two hundred bucks he agreed to take the drug with an unusual name. As a result of experiments, Andy was able to manipulate others by controlling their minds.  During the experiment, Andy met a girl named Vicki, who later became his wife and gave birth to Charlie who soon impressed the parents by her strong ability of pyrokinesis.

Charlie from an early age was instilled fear of her unusual gift and as a result, the girl was afraid to hurt someone. At the same time her ability absorbed her, Charlie enjoyed using the gift. Her ability became stronger every time she torched something. The kid got acquainted with the feeling of guilt from the first years of life, which influenced greatly her perception of the world. She had quite a high intellect for her seven years; moreover, her ability of pyrokinesis was accompanied by a supernatural intuition.

The relationship between Andy and Charlie is remarkable. Andy loved his daughter into oblivion, going to extreme measures, desperately trying to protect her. However, upon reading the book you get the impression that Charlie knew very well that it was rather her powerful gift which was able to protect the father. She did not use her power, apparently, only out of fear that her father would not forgive her.

And yet, when the force within her reached the boiling point, Charlie let herself go and made a real firestorm. In this way she took revenge on those who broke the life of her father and freed herself.

A lot of questions hang in the air after reading the book, the foremost among them is “what happened next?” However, there is no answer to this question, the reader can only speculate on that.

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