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Taisha Abelar - The Sorcerer’s Crossing: A Woman’s Journey

Taisha Abelar is a magician of a new generation and belongs to the party of the last nagual, Carlos Castaneda, whom Times called "an enigma wrapped in a mystery".  (Carlos Castaneda is an author of books that describe a teaching of Toltec shamans)

From a practical point of view, the book of Taisha Abelar is better than the whole Castaneda’s saga about the party of the nagual, Don Juan. The thing is that Don Juan is too powerful and eccentric, he makes people to lose their minds, so to speak, and he does it directly from Castaneda's books.
His vocabulary is complex and expressive, his actions are full of drama, his energy feels coming down in torrents. Communicating with Don Juan is not so safe, even if it is through the book. Impressible persons ran to smoke Mescalito, or, with a completely brain-washed face, announce themselves as "warriors", or immediately identify themselves as naguals and begin to form parties of “seers”. 

The explanations of
Taisha Abelar are simple and straightforward. Everything that Castaneda fit into multiple volumes you will find in her book. She is more practical. Magic tricks, exercises helping to achieve health, beauty and energy release are, in many ways, similar to those taught by daoists. It is simple – do this and that and you will find happiness. May be I found Taisha more understandable, because she was taught a women way. Her companion, Florinda Donner, said that women are closer to the “knowledge” due to the following difference between men and women: "While men are building their understanding in words, women are creating their understanding with their lives. Both methods are equally effective, but each of them corresponds to their way of life. In terms of energy, a man connected with the knowledge by something like a cone, and he moves to the knowledge step by step. In terms of physics, this can be described as rays of light, and men are moving in the direction of its source, but never reach it. For women it is different, because for them the cone is upside down".

Four shamans from the party of Don Juan (Nelida, Clara, Emilito and Don Juan himself) taught Taisha different techniques. It is very interesting to read Taisha’s view on the same people (or rather the super-humans), which Castaneda described earlier in his works.

The book is very interesting and inspiring as Taisha’s message to people: "We constantly hear from people - if only I was a member of your group, then I could do this or that. But they do not realize that the place, where you are, is something with which you need to start."

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