Sunday, 21 October 2012

Isadora Duncan "My life"

She is a truly free person, partly thanks to her childhood. 

Her parents were divorced. Her mother taught music to provide for four children, i.e. during the days there were neither governesses nor educators, those who bring up children "fitting the society" as Isadora says. This does not mean that her mother was not involved in her children's education, on the contrary she played piano and read poetry to them in the evenings and that meant a lot to Isadora. So the formula of her formation was a lot of classical music, literature, absence of any authority which could have limited her, a bit of adventure and the sea ...

Isadora lives! Her courage and fidelity to herself are amazing. Her lifestory is worth reading to understand life is short and beautiful like a divine dance of Isadora Duncan.

I liked so many things that it is better that you read the entire book. I would like, however, touch upon  moment that brought interesting associations. During her trainings Isadora stood for hours waiting for a movement of her soul, which would lead to the right direction of her dance. An interesting and well known German psychotherapist, Bert Hellinger, founded an entire theory and practical courses on it. These popular family constellations are based on the fact that people move following their Spirit-Mind. Hellinger's constellations need to be discussed separately, and not in this blog. I just noted how totally different people come to the same conclusion.

The book is very easy to read! It seems that with every word you absorb something sweet and bitter at the same time. Isadora Duncan is able to penetrate to the very essence of the universe. And even if you've never danced, and have no idea about the art of dancing, you unwittingly begin to fly, then fall and take off again.

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