Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Ariele Butaux "La Samourai"

The love story of a European girl and a Japanese young man was discussed in the last post. The book of Ariele Butaux is about a Japanese woman and a European man.
Where does your love for yourselves end and your love for others begin?
A Japanese girl, Hisako, and a Frenchman, Eric, were joined by music that both worshiped. Eric is selfish and he is extremely ambitious. Charmed by Hisako's talent, he uses her in order to become a celebrity in musical arena. Hisako (more talented than Eric) sacrifices herself on the altar of devotion and art.

It is a duet of two opposites - West and East, ambition and sacrifice, selfishness and self-denial, and all this under piano accompaniment. 

Both, as a mirror, reflect each other. She is the embodiment of sacrifice, he is centered too much on himself. Both had an unhappy childhood - Eric is an ugly and unloved child, Hisako is a pawn in the game, an object of the fight of two moms. Initially, they build their union on rejection of lies. However the end of their marriage are the final words of Eric's  10-year-old son: "Once you started to lie, persist to the end. The truth hurts."

Both artists revel in success, but over time they start doubting - whether he/she did not destroy his/her life and talent by being in a duet? Both revel in each other, but small secrets appear, which they are afraid to admit even to themselves. The taste of freedom they need grows in the sea of deceit that destroys everything around. Both made sacrifices - he cannot be with his mistress and his own child, she does not have children and cannot pursuit a solo career. Unfortunately, the sacrifices were in vain, the purposes of their union is ghostly.

Since everything in this couple is extreme, the end of their relationship is also categorical. Eric pays his debt of honor by committing a suicide. Hisako follows him.

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