Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Romain Gary "Lady L"

The book is about a woman adventuress-terrorist.

Both Lady L and the Countess Cagliostro from the novel by Maurice Leblanc are birds of a feather. Both are beauties the like of which the world had never seen, passionate with a strong survival instinct and moral principles that are contrary to the public, an analogue of James Bond’s girls and modern superwomen.

Both are involved into a love triangle - she loves him; he loves another one, and another one.... Lady L, however, has an invincible rival. What could be worse than an intangible rival, an idea pulling all the juice out of the lover?

Those for whom Lady L will be the first work by Romain Gary shall not stop at that, Lady L is not the most successful of his works. Romain Gary wrote far more amazing things.

However, if you are interested in European anarchists of the late nineteenth, early twentieth century, you are welcome ...

I also think you will be curious to know why Lady L values so much her pavilion.

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