Thursday, 2 August 2012

Jun Ikeda "Sukupa"

Good manga for girls (12 -14)

Sukupa is a comedy manga by Jun Ikeda. It is a story of four girls, classmates, who under a very optimistic, thirsty for activity, Sora regularly fall into the absurd and amusing situations. Sora with her unpretentious humor and ability to create silly situations seems even cute.

The announcement of the manga says that it is so funny that the reader is sure to be laughing "to tears". In fact, Sora’s humor is worthy only a smile, although sometimes a smile is very broad. For example, the moment when girls invented a new kind of golf (they hit the golf ball with tennis rackets) is really hilarious. In general, Sukupa leaves only positive emotions, even though it is unlikely to be remembered for a long time.

As for  sketching of Sukupa, it does not differ by originality.  Sketching, being a completely standard for manga, gives the impression to be outdated. This automatically lowers its level to average, not much standing out among its kind. 

Sukupa did not get a special popularity at home. However, the manga is worthy to stand on a bookshelf next to the familiar to all Yotsuba and Azumanga.

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