Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Laura Wolf "Diary of a Mad Bride"

Her wedding is the most important event in the life of any woman. The majority of women says so.

It just happens that the heroine of “Diary of a Mad Bride" by Laura Wolf, Amy Thomas, does not support the above statement. She says sarcastically that brides infected by the virus called "wedding fever" do not trigger any feelings except pity and laughter, and certainly not jealousy. She thinks so until the very moment her handsome prince, Stephen, makes her a marriage proposition. What happens next? Oh, the real "wedding fever", which Amy continues to deny. She tries to combine the preparations for the marriage with her job and other important matters; she solves family and money problems. Armed with a guide for weddings’ preparations and a pre-marriage to-do-list, she tries to follow the plan and not to panic too much.

Amy Thomas with all her misadventures, her peculiar logic and the insane desire to appear a strong business woman holding everything under control, makes you smile. And when the earth seems to give away under her feet, then she makes you feel sorry. However, you respect Amy for her desire to achieve whatever was intended - not every woman has such willpower or obstinacy. In the course of the story Amy regrets her actions a thousand times, but does not change the path that was initially chosen.

How to stop being nervous if the recently married girlfriend, Mandy, is increasingly turning into a chicken-hen, and sprinkles with tips; Amy’s mother offers an old and absolutely awful, smelling of mothballs, wedding dress; shoes of a desired model cannot be found for an affordable price?

The book is ironic and sometimes sarcastic, showing to readers what a marriage can actually do to a girl, how it can throw a girl off the track. And Amy Thomas is an excellent example of the most "gone mad" brides.

In my opinion, the book is perfect for girls who currently planning a wedding. Whatever it is, Amy's misadventures will help to take many things easy and change attitudes towards the wedding chores. And Amy?... Well, she did marry, but she experienced a real apocalypse.

The point of the book? If you are loved and you love and want to continue this way all your life, you are able to remove mountains on the way to your own happiness. And it would be good if there is a loving man's shoulder on which you can rely on and cry in extreme circumstances.


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