Monday, 11 June 2012

George Sand "Francia"

Famous classic literature.

My love for the author, George Sand, began in school. The first serious book which I read was a book of George Sand "Consuelo". After that I began to read avidly all the books of this stunning woman with a male pseudonym.

"Francia" is a story that describes the war of 1812. The author dedicated the story to France and Russia. What I really like in the books of George Sand is that she is able not only to show historical patterns and scales of what was happening, but also to touch your soul by her narrative. The story of a young grisette who falls in love with a brilliant Russian officer is described very nicely. Does such a love lead anywhere? Read and find out! I really like that George Sand shows not only the lives of the rich classes, but also those of poor people. She shows how difficult it is to survive and to show respect to everybody. I myself changed my attitude to many things, after reading these kinds of books. I hope that you will like it too!

Here is a link to Francia by George Sand in French (unfortunately, I was not able to find anything in English).

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