Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lisa Unger "Beautiful Lies"

Recommendations  from my book club.

Lisa Ungers story "Beautiful Lies" grabbed me with its intrigue and kept in suspense until the last page. This is a fascinating story of the life of Kew Ridley Jones, an ordinary woman, who became famous all over the country after she snatched a toddler under the wheels of a truck. This event made her a star of various "talk shows" and "heroine of the day." But her popularity turned against her, Ridley receives a note stating that she is not the one that she used to think of herself. Trying to find out the truth, the heroine falls into a maze of innuendo and mystical events, and with every step the truth about her past shocks the woman more and more. She is tormented by a question: Is her whole life was just a farce, just a beautiful lie?

Each person creates her/his life and destiny; every minute of our life is unique and can not be "re-played" again or perhaps it can be? May be you will find an answer to this in some other book.

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