Friday, 13 June 2014

Gina Ford "The contented baby" and Tracy Hogg "Secrets of the baby whisperer"

I read somewhere that men are programmed for one age. They do not change internally. Some are fifty years old in their passport and twenty five years old in reality - they still rush to become the alpha male, they try to chase the most females and to mark the widest territory. Some are forty-five and what you observe is the eve of puberty - they tend to play musketeers and will be playing until their death, such a program runs in them. Some are stuck at age seven forever- they have not yet come out of the age of infant cruelty :)))

Everything is different with women. They change over the years internally: girl- young woman - woman- old woman, from the family perspective: daughter - wife - mother - grandmother. This is due to childbirth and meno-cycle.

As for me, at the age of .....I finally reached the stage of being a Mother .

I am a mom of a beautiful daughter!!!

Therefore I tend to read specific literature, for example books on how to handle babies. Two I found helpful: "The contented baby" by Gina Ford and "Secrets of the baby whisperer" by Tracy Hogg.

One promises a contented baby and contented parents provided you strictly follow a schedule, the other one promises the same by following much more relaxed routine. I found truth in between.

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