Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Barbara O'Brien "Operators and Things: The Inner Life of a Schizophrenic"


People are not very flexible. As soon as one gets out of ones comfort zone the world becomes a threat. Do you feel comfortable when people  speak a language you do not understand? Just imagine what fear people have towards crazy people who are not just representatives of another country, they are aliens. 

What is schizophrenia? Who visited this planet and came back from there in his/her right mind? 

Barbara O'Brien is a pseudonym of a woman who worked in a big corporation during 1950-1960. She worked in a typical snake atmosphere which we all witness today. However such a corporate ambiance was not for impressionable natures like Barbara. One day, Barbara realized that she got crazy in the literal sense of the word. Her personal journey back and forth to madness Barbara described magnificently.

She is, probably, the only one who have been "out there" and came back with a priceless gift in the form of this book. I am sure that all who study psychology and psychiatry are familiar with this story. For all others it will be an incredible voyage to the other side of human mind. Barbara O'Brien demonstrates not only the strength of her soul but also the talent of writing. The book is full of humor and irony and it is written  marvelously. Barbara is charming, she is my soul mate. 

Fiction books are different versions of the same world bathed and filtered though imaginations of writers. The story of Barbara O'Brien stands alone as it speaks about the real journey into unknown world. It also gives you a lot to think of the power of our subconsciousness.  

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