Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Simenon "Maigret and the Old Lady"

Women in detective fiction.

Simenon is marvelous! I just admire him. Unlike Agatha Christi whose maniac imagination filled her detective stories with endless cadavers, Simenon does not kill just like that, he is not so slaughterous. Simemon is interested in humans' psychology, murder is just the reason to have an intent look into humans' souls. 
You will get a lot from his short detective stories: descriptions of Paris and French everyday life of that époque. Look at Maigret’s visits to bars and restaurants. Maigret drinks often and deliciously, in a French way. While reading about Maigret you cannot stop thinking of “un demi”.  
Although my blog is named “books about women” I will not talk about the principle heroine of this book.  I am afraid I will spoil the pleasure of discovery. Just enjoy Simenon!

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