Thursday, 23 May 2013

Roger Vadim "Bardot, Deneuve, Fonda. My life with the three most beautiful women in the world"

Remember the post about Brigiet Jones of the sixties?

Today I would like to talk again about the sixties when a  film-maker, Roger Vadim,  met a girl called also Brigitte, the one who while walking in Nice met Winston Churchill and told him:

"`When I was eight years old and heard you on the radio, you frightened me,' said Brigitte, `But now you seem rather cute, considering you're a legend.'

Cute' was not a word people normally used to describe Churchill to his face! The great orator remained speechless..."

Divorce is not always a bad thing. Otherwise Roger Vadim would not have discovered Katherine Deneuve who at the time they met was only seventeen years old.  Roger Vadim says modestly he played a role of a catalyst in the lives of Brigitte and Katherine. Both women became later national symbols of France and had a great influence on the world, you may find full description of their regalia and activities in Wikipedia.

Jane Fonda, with whom Roger Vadim shared  several happy years, brought, like Bardot and Deneuve, a lot of  new things to the world. However Roger Vadim did not love her for what made her famous.

I must say the story of Roger Vadim "Bardot, Deneuve, Fonda, my life with the three most beautiful women in the world" is imbued by the mood of the sixties, this wonderful period of paradise that people permitted themselves.

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