Thursday, 7 June 2012

Pratima Raichur "Absolute Beauty"

Dr.Pratima Raichur-Absolute Beauty
The following idea of the book I liked the most: "I can not put a cream on my skin, if I can not eat it." In other words, our skin like our liver cannot stand “chemistry”. This well known idea expressed in such a direct way has pushed me to read the label of my cream from the famous brand and question myself if it was eatable. Everyone says that our skin is a living organism, but only the book of Pratima Raichur revealed and imparted the idea completely.

I will not say big words about how this book changed my life, attitude ... and so on. I’ll just say that I continue with ready made creams, though I have become stricter in the selection, in addition, I learned how to make face and body creams following good homemade recipes and treatments from Dr. Pratima Raichur. I really like to play alchemist, when one drop of essential oil of wild roses should be mixed with almond oil.... Oh! Or here's a tip for health and beauty of your chevelure - before you comb your hair, spread a drop of essential oil on your ridge.

This beaty recipes book teaches harmony, to which, in fact I came, if we talk about facial and body care. I balance between modern technologies and ancient “secrets”. Her recipes are mainly based on a mixture of oils, including essential oils. She recommends masks, oils and diets according to your type, not a type of your skin, but rather your type from the Ayurveda’s viewpoint, which is quite a big topic that Pratima Raichur explained fairly well. She (being a chemist and biologist) also taught how to read creams’ etiquettes. The author of the book has many years of experience in cosmetology and the principles of Ayurveda are discussed from the perspective of modern medicine. You will find a lot of interesting and useful things and who knows

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